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Corporate Business Game «Factory» is an online simulation of a manufacturing company, which operates in a competitive environment.


Game participants divide into teams and become managers of a manufacturing company, operating in competitive markets of raw materials and production.

Each team starts its activity in equal conditions – with the same financials, stocks and production capacities.

The players’ task is to develop and implement a successful strategy, competing against their opponents.

The goal is to reach the highest market capitalization compared to the competitors.

Master and apply in practice essential economic knowledge and analytical skills.

Evaluate your ability to organize, correctly define and use your teammates’ competencies.

Purchase raw materials, produce, sell and earn.

Cooperate and compete against real players instead of a computer.

Build effective communication with your colleagues and achieve success as a team.

Enhance the internal cooperation and interpersonal skills as you reach success.

Our game is employed in training programmes of entrepreneurs and managers.


The game consists of several turns, the company with the highest market capitalization wins.


Participants were from Saint-Petersburg, Samara, Vologda and Kaliningrad. The game allowed the employees to find a solution while being scattered all over the country.
Elizaveta Ryabko, training centre manager of LLC «Siemens Finance»

The game forms strategic and analytical thinking, helps to make decisions and plan several steps ahead. It was dynamic and interesting.
Ksenia Tikhonova, RANEPA student

The game gave me an opportunity to test my management skills. To feel as I am a director of an enterprise, use all my knowledge in practice, not risking real money.
Aleksey Gutslyak, VSUES

The game was hosted several times in Moscow and Vladivostok for commercial organizations and universities

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